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  • Brief Report

Nari Prabodhan manch is a well known women’s organization. It is started to fight against dowry system, illeterracy, superstition among women. In 1984 a well educated daoughter of latur was lost her life just after few days of her marriage. Her death was the result of dowry. Doctors teachers, lawyers, housewifes came togather and arranged a march against dowry. But that was not the solution of social evils. It was decided to establish a platform to help needy women and girls thus the organization was established. The fist counseling center was started by Nari  Prabodhan manch. It was first center to guide helsp and solve their family disputes.   The organization Nari Prabodhan Manch is established in 1984. So far, over 3000 cases have been handled by the Family Counseling Center. In these cases, members of both families discussed and compromised over 2500 cases and recovered their broken world. Even today, all these couples are enjoying their life. Some of these complicated cases were solved in Court. But 20 couples have opted for separation.Through this center, legal aid is provided to the victims in the community, where they are provided free psychiatric treatment with the help of a renowned psychiatrist in the city in cases where it is needed.Therefore, this center is renowned as a good family counseling center in Latur district.

  • Women awareness Program:

NPM counducts many workshops, trainings Mahila melava, expouser visits on various subjects like blind faith, women's health, water literacy, panchayatraj, education, participation of women in village development, gender discrimination , violence, child marriage,  dowry, environment.
Various vocational trainings are organized to help women to become Financeialy self defendant. Women have been trained in various occupations including flour mills, tailoring, candle making, bangles, goat farming, poultry farming, organic farming.Today more than 300  women are doing their own business.Standing firmly on their own feet. They take care of the financial burden of the family.Teaching children well.Due to financial freedom, they are making their own decisions. Women's savings groups have been created. Women Savings Groups have been established from more than 125  villages. Through the organization, savings group work has been carried out from 80 villages of Amravati district, 30 villages of Latur district and two slum areas fromParbhani district, and so far more than 125 groups have been created. Through this group, the organization has been successful in organizing more than 1300 women. Women in the group are doing regular savings & Solving their own problems with savings, women have become more empowered. Through the organization. The financial transactions through the group are above millions.

  • Work with the children.

The organization started working with young children from 1984 onwards, and started providing shelter for children of working women So women started to go to work. As well as children also started to get healthy food and education. Children aged 06 to 14 years.
The program was successfully implemented from 15 villages in Ausa taluka. The children were given homeopathic treatment. The Work with the child
The organization started working with young children from 1984 onwards, and started providing shelter for children of working women. So women started to go to work. As well as children  also started to get healthy food and education. Children aged 06 to 14 years Most of the joyful education was given at the village level for these children. The program was successfully implemented from 15 villages in Ausa taluka. The children were given homeopathic treatment . The eradication  of child labor for such children through this education was given and they were re-admitted to the school. Generally more than 200 children were re-admitted in the school during this period. The organization was participated in the District Level Child Labor Abolition Action Committee.
As a result of this the three children were sent to their own home by the government, the organization succeeded in rescuing children from confensary. Releasing all these three children, they were sent  to their home in the state of TamilNadu.
Now the organization started working on child rights. The activities were implemented by the child A group of children was formed and child protection committees were set up at village level with the participation of their parents. Through these committees, efforts were taken to protect the rights of the children and through this project, the police were also trained on child rights.
At present, the concept of  Balbhavan is being implemented through the institution for the purpose of conducting a pleasant playful education for the children, besides providing a pleasant education to the children.

  • Work with youth group

Work was started in 2012 with young men and women mainly involved in organic farming. Out of the 30 villages in Latur district, organic farming was conducted on 50 acres.The youths were trained how to use the field for the production of vermicompost, cultivating dung, etc.The experiment was successfully carried out by the youth from 50 acres of agriculture in 30 villages. Training of youth groups was conducted on the topic of gender . Through this, there was guidance on domestic violence against women, discrimination in work and wages. Through this, there was guidance on domestic violence against women, discrimination in work and wages.
 At the village level, an attempt was made to change the mentality of the youth by farming the youth groups.. In thesed village, the youth of the village tried to change their behavior to increase the respect of women, thus helping to reduce the violence against women from this village. In order to solve the problems at the village level, a youth  organization was set up and through this organization social issues were dealt with at village level.
These mainly involved the question of education, local amenities of water and roads
It was through these youth that the villagers were informed about the government schemes and were encouraged to take advantage of the government schemes. Due to various initiatives undertaken by the institute, 3 women were selected for the foreign tour because of the courage of the young women in the working area. They were sent to foreign countries to study the social, economic, political, cultural and social conditions of Luxembourg.  After moving abroad, the young woman took active part in improving the social situation in their village

  • Drought prevention project

Due to the low rainfall in Marathwada, drought conditions are constantly created
A similar situation arose in 2013. In order to remedy this situation, a drought relief project was undertaken in fifteen villages in Ausa, Tuljapur, Nilanga, Umaraga talukas under drought prevention project. Under this project, work was done to excavate plains, construction of dams, drainage, water harvesting for animals etc. Similarly, efforts were made to get benefit of government schemes to prevent farmers' suicides.These included agricultural schemes etc. Farmers were encouraged to use organic manure by inspecting the soil in the fields and the village workers were given job cards for implementing the MGNREGA scheme and free seeds were distributed to the farmers. Free seeds were also distributed to the farmers.  Information and training was given in meeting of farmers and women on the issues of water literacy, water supply, environment, traditional organic farming, supplementary business in farming, gardening etc.  Through this training, employment opportunities are provided to the youth at the local level

  • Work with children and women in Parbhani

The work was started with the women and children from the Shahunagar and Marathwada plots in Parbhani city from 2017.The Marathwada plot was a red light area and the children's education was very difficult. More than 120 children from both the poorest communities were benefitted from this class. All the children were provided with educational materials and the two classes were run for three hours in the evening. So it was noticed that the children's intreast for taking education was incriesed. Even today,  all the children go to school regularly and all these children are happy to study From these two slum areas  a sewing machine training center was established for women. From this, 180 women trained the sewing machine. All these women are now doing household sewing, with the women earning nearsly two thousand rupees a month.These women are becoming financially capable and their income is increasing so they are getting the respect they deserve at home.
A savings group has been established through these areas in which twenty-two women are involved. The total savings of these women is about Rs.11000. From the money raised, these women are solving their financial problems and are repaying their loan on time. Two groups of youths are also formed in the same area. There are 22 youths in both groups who are trying to solve their social problem at local leval.All these youths have been trained in gender equality. So their behavior has changed. All these youths are treating the women in their hometown with dignity Efforts are being made to ensure that the girls in the Marathwada plot are safe because it is a red light area.

Mrs Sumati Jagtap
Nari Prabodhan Manch, latur

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